Spring 2024 Senior Capstone Presentations

The Department of Engineering at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi held its spring 2024 senior capstone presentations on May 3. Six teams presented their projects to 30 judges from companies such as Kiewit Offshore Services, Nyati Engineering, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Lockheed Martin, and American Electric Power (AEP). The moderator for the event was Dr. Ruby Mehrubeoglu, TAMU-CC Professor of Engineering, and advisor for several capstone teams.  

Each group was given 20 minutes to present their project and answer questions. The order of presentations was as follows: 

Team 1: Sinkhole Simulation and Measurement Tank 

Team 2: Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled Autonomous Robot 

Team 3: IoT Sensor Balloon for Solar Eclipse 

Team 4: Toward A Street Legal Hybrid Truck: Frankentruck – Phase VI 

Team 5: Basic Utility Vehicle (BUV): Repair and Modification for Electric Water Pumping and Collection  

Team 6: Firefighting Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) with IoT 

Once presentations were completed, the teams used a poster presentation to explain the design, methods, simulations, and results of their projects. The judges and audience members were encouraged to ask the teams questions about their projects for the remainder of the event.  

Harrison Hunter ’24, a mechanical engineering major, was the project manager for his team’s capstone, “Toward A Street Legal Hybrid Truck: Frankentruck – Phase VI.” The project tackled the use of conventional fuels that several vehicles rely on. The group rehabilitated a Ford Ranger that sustained damage and introduced a hybrid electric system that combined battery power with a generator to extend the driving range, which enhanced both the energy efficiency and environmental sustainability of the vehicle. Hunter said staying focused was key to achieving team objectives. 

“Teamwork is a very important part of the capstone process,” Hunter said. “You are with your group for a whole year, working towards this project and presentation, so it is important to get work done and not let the amount of work intimidate you from doing your best as a team.”  

Bryan Loya ’24, a civil engineering major, was the project manager for his group’s capstone, “Sinkhole Simulation and Measurement Tank.” The project simulated and modeled the formation of sinkholes, which posed a significant economic impact as damages from sinkholes exceed $300 million annually in the U.S. The project aimed to assist engineers in understanding and mitigating sinkhole hazards, ultimately improving safety and minimizing economic risks in urban areas. 

"As a project manager, I found myself in a leadership position," Loya said. "Balancing everyone's project schedules and ensuring each team member had equal contribution was challenging. However, having a project advisor who acted as a mentor figure was a great resource for any concerns that came up.” 

Spring 2024 Senior Capstone Presentations

Slideshow of teams who presented their projects