Islander Women in Computer Science

The Islander Women in Computer Science (IWiCS) is a student organization at the Island University that advocates for the equal representation of women and men in computer science. IWiCS’s current officers are President Jennifer Mondragon ’26, a computer science Ph.D. student, and Vice President Ryleigh Sibley ’26, an undergraduate computer science student. The club advisor is Dr. Mamta Yadav, TAMU-CC Associate Professor of Computer Science. IWiCS currently has 40 members who are undergraduate and graduate computer science students, though, students from all disciplines at TAMU-CC can join IWiCS. Along with weekly club meetings, Mondragon and Sibley host several events such as group study sessions, resume workshops, code fests with games and prizes, potlucks, and holiday bit-bingo. These events are great networking, learning, and bonding opportunities. 

“It is commonly known that women in computer science are under-represented,” Mondragon said. “So, while we promote computer science to female students, we also give all students a platform to connect and support each other through their degrees, that way they have a close-knit group to turn to during challenges.”   

One of the notable events IWiCS holds is whiteboarding practice sessions. Whiteboarding is a part of the interview process for computer science positions where the interviewee is given a whiteboard to solve a programming problem, and they must code by hand while explaining their thought processes. This shows the interviewer their problem-solving skills and provides insight into how they write their code. IWiCS plans to continue this event, along with other web development workshops, to prepare students for interviews and careers post-graduation.   

As for the future of IWiCS, Mondragon and Sibley strive for the club to become a national organization. With this advancement, members of the club could attend conventions or competitions in other states to create better opportunities for their career and promote TAMU-CC’s exemplary computer science programs. In the meantime, Mondragon and Sibley are excited to grow the IWiCS club locally and hold events that unify all Islanders.  

“Before attending TAMU-CC, I knew that I was interested in computer science, but I didn’t know what to expect,” Sibley said. “To those who are unsure about a computer science major, my advice is to go for it. Register for those classes and get involved; you may find it more interesting and impactful than you originally thought.”   

Islander Women in Computer Science

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