2023 Student Research Competition

The Division of Research and Innovation at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi offers the Student Research Competition to support student engagement and success through high-impact research experiences that increase their competitiveness within the workforce or academic careers upon graduation.

The 2023 Student Research Competition winners included two master’s in computer science students, Venkata Sai Ramya Boggaram ’24 and Shreyash Chede ’25, the team received an $800 funding award. 

Boggaram and Chede’s research was titled, “Realizing control flow obfuscation on RISC-V using multizone architecture," and it was proposed by their adviser, Dr. Yongzhi Wang. The research focused on cybersecurity, as that is Wang’s interest. The group used an embedded board, which is the motherboard that is located inside of a computer, for optimal function. With the board, they created a specific coding system that protected and preserved the data in the computer, so that external individuals could not access it. Wang provided the students with the lab and equipment to complete their research, which the students worked on every day for two months before the competition.

“TAMU-CC provided the technology, tools, and support we needed for the research,” Boggaram said. “Their assistance played a large part in our success, and it is something we are very grateful for.” 

The students’ dedication to their research has driven them to compete in the 2024 Student Research Competition.

“For those interested in The Student Research Competition, you must communicate with your adviser and learn from what they teach you,” Chede said. “They want you to succeed as a researcher, and if you put in high effort to better your research and knowledge, you will succeed.”

2023 Student Research Competition

Slideshow of 2 participants in the competition.