Inaugural Ring Ceremony

Engineering ring ceremony

The College of Engineering inaugural ring ceremony photos.


The Island University held the inaugural ring ceremony for the Order of the Engineer and the Engineering Technologist Pledge on May 19, 2023. The graduating students first recited the obligation of an engineer, a pledge that states each student will practice engineering ethically and with integrity, and an engineering technology student recited the Engineering Technologist Pledge, which states that they will act with honor, integrity, diligence, and professionalism.  

The stainless-steel ring is worn on the little finger of the working hand; meaning every action done with the working hand belongs to a devoted and honest engineer or engineering technologist. The Order of the Engineer and Engineering Technologist Pledge also represents the academic challenges each student had to endure before receiving their ring.

Forty graduating seniors participated in the Order of the Engineer and the Engineering Technologist Pledge and below are a couple students’ thoughts on what their ring means to them. 

“The ring helps connect engineer to engineer and it feels more familial. Instead of just getting a diploma, you're entering into a different world where you're going to have to be working with these people all the time and having to communicate and understand each other, so this ring represents engineers that come together to work effectively.” -Nadia Khan ‘23, electrical engineering major, said. 

“This ring to me means that I am a part of something bigger and more meaningful than just a job, it is an oath to be the best engineer that I can be. The class that prepared me most for becoming an engineer was definitely project management. It helped me understand more of what goes on behind the projects, the manufacturing processes, and get more hands-on experience.” Matthew Salas ’23, mechanical engineering technology major, said.