Undergraduate Degree Option Worksheets (CSIF)

Cyber Security and Infrastructure Option (CSIF)

8 Semester Plan for Computer Science: Cyber Security and Infrastructure (2022-2023)
1st Year Session Course Course Title SH Pre-requisite(s) or Co-Requisite(s)
1st Semester (includes triad/tetrad) FL, SP UNIV 1101 First Year Seminar I 1  
FL, SP COSC 3100 Skills for Computing Professionals I 1 Co-Requisite COSC 1435
FL, SP COSC 1435 Problem Solving with Comp I 4 MATH1314 or MATH2312 or MATH1316 or MATH2413
FL, SP MATH 2413 Calculus I 4 Grade of C or better in MATH1316 or MATH2312
FL, SP UNIV. CORE Communication Requirement 3  
FL, SP UNIV. CORE Social and Behavioral Sciences 3  
                                         Total HRS  16  
 2nd Semester (includes triad/tetrad)      FL, SP  UNIV 1102  First Year Seminar II  1  
 FL, SP  COSC 1436  Problem Solving with Comp II  4  Grade of C or better in COSC1435
 FL, SP  MATH 2305  Discrete Mathematics  3 MATH2413
 FL, SP  COSC 2348 Introduction to Scripting  3  COSC 1435
 FL, SP  UNIV. CORE Communication Requirement  
                                         Total HRS  14  
 2nd Year          
1st Semester       FL, SP  COSC 2334  Computer Architecture  3  COSC1435 and MATH2305
 FL, SP  COSC 2437  Data Structures  4  Grade of C or better in COSC1436 and MATH2305 or Co-Requisite MATH2305
 FL  COSC 2465  Linux Systems  4  COSC 2348
 FL, SP  POLS 2305  US Government and Politics  
 FL, SP  UNIV. CORE  Creative Arts  3  
                                          Total HRS  17  
 2nd Semester    SPR COSC 2466 Network Systems  4  COSC 2348
 FL, SP COSC 3336 Introduction to Database Systems  3  COSC2437
 FL, SP ENGL 3310 Professional Writing in Computer Science  3  
 FL, SP POLS 2306 State and Local Government  3  
 FL, SP UNIV. CORE American History  3  
                                           Total HRS  16  
 3rd Year          
 1st Semester      FL, SP  COSC 3351  Internet Programming  3  COSC3336 or Co-Requisite COSC3336
 FL  COSC 4365  Windows Security  3  COSC2466
 FL, SP  MATH 3342/3345  Upper Math Stats  3  MATH2413; MATH2413 and COSC1435
 FL, SP  COSC 3346  Operating Systems  4  COSC2437 and COSC2334
 FL, SP  UNIV. CORE  American History  3  
                                           Total HRS  16  
 2nd Semester      FL, SP  COSC 3370  Software Engineering  3  COSC2437
 SPR  COSC 3372  Network Security  3  COSC 2465 and COSC 2466
 FL, SP  UNIV. CORE  Life and Physical Science   3  
 FL, SP  UNIV. CORE  Component Area Option  3  
                                           Total HRS  12  
 4th Year          
 1st Semester       FL, SP  COSC 3474  Cyber Defense I  4  COSC3372
   COSC ELECTIVE  Approved Upper-Division COSC Course  3  Varies* Refer to Catalog
 FL, SP  COSC 4100  Skills for Computing Professionals II  1  COSC3100 and ENGL3310
 FL, SP  UNIV. CORE  Component Area Option  3  
 FL, SP  UNIV. CORE  Language, Philosophy, and Culture  3  
 FL, SP  UNIV. CORE  Life and Physical Science  3  
                                           Total HRS  16  
 2nd Semester     SPR  COSC4368  Penetration Testing  3  COSC3474 and COSC4365
   COSC ELECTIVE  Approved Upper-Division COSC Course  3  Varies* Refer to Catalog
 FL  COSC4367  Firewall and Intrusion Detection Systems  3  COSC 3372 and COSC 4365
 SPR  COSC4310  Digital Forensics  3  COSC 3474 and COSC4365
 FL, SP   COSC4354  Senior Capstone  3  COSC3370, COSC3336 and ENGL 3310 and Last Semester.
                                           Total HRS  15  
                                           Total  123