Transformative Alliance for Student Success

The College of Education and Human Development at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi launched the Transformative Alliance for Student Success (TASS) in 2022.

TASS is a catalyst to transform how we prepare, educate, and support students at all levels of human development.  As we set off on what we aspire to be truly a transformative journey to help all students (PK-20) succeed, we carefully identified a select number of key individuals throughout Coastal Bend partnerships, local leaders, broader communities, and universities who can play a significant role in helping the Alliance design and achieve its emerging mission and vision. We truly feel this alliance will be a game-changer for the betterment of our inclusive communities and their agencies.



As a catalyst, we bring together, facilitate, champion and foster partnerships between individuals, school districts, communities, and agencies to elevate P-20 success, for all students. We leverage resources, thoughts, ideas, relationships, and the agency of the alliance to develop and cultivate leaders of today and tomorrow and ignite learning. We are committed to educational equity and view learning as interrelated and intersectional with social-emotional learning, physical health and wellness.

Through our work and solidarity, we will respond decisively and with conviction to transform education informed by our individual and collective data, roles, protocols and processes enabling all students to succeed.

Guiding Purpose:
All students are worthy and able to succeed. It takes a highly committed, dedicated, and informed village working together for transformation of less undo and more outdo to occur.


Tejeda-Delgado Dr. Carmen Tejeda-Delgado, TASS Director