Work Study

The work-study program is a form of financial aid that provides part-time employment to students to assist them with their educational expenses. It is awarded to students who demonstrate financial need and meet eligibility requirements.

Good things to know about work-study

  • Most work-study jobs begin at minimum wage, have flexible hours, and are conveniently located on campus.
  • The money you earn through this program can be used for educational expenses or to support yourself through the year. By being work-study, money earned is not used to determine your financial need.
  • Students wishing to trade their work-study eligibility for another type of aid are limited to loans.
  • Working part-time allows you to have all the benefits of gaining on-the-job experience, professional skills to help you in your future career, and still be able to balance school and personal life.

Applying for Work-Study

In order to be considered for work-study, you must submit the FAFSA or TASFA to determine your eligibility every year that you wish to work. When applying, please be sure to mark "yes" to the question on the FAFSA that asks "Are Interested in Work-Study?" or "Do you wish to participate in the Texas College Work-Study program?"

If you are eligible, your work-study award will be listed with your other financial aid awards on S.A.I.L. under the Financial Aid tab. If you have already filed your FAFSA for this year and did not originally demonstrate an interest in work-study or would like to see if you qualify, please complete the Change Request Form and select "Award Work-Study Funds". You must apply each year for continued consideration in the work-study program.

Note: Eligibility can change from year to year and is based upon funds available to the university to disperse. Funds are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Job Positions
Please note that receiving a work-study award does not guarantee job placement. You must interview for a work-study job the same way you would any other job. All college work-study positions are listed on Handshake, located in the University Building Rm. 314.  If you are interested in applying for a particular work-study position, you must present your award letter to Career Services as a screenshot or printed from your S.A.I.L. account. 

For further assistance in securing a job or in setting up your profile, please contact Career Services.

Work-Study Certificates

Throughout the semester, the Office of Financial Assistance will send out Work-Study Certificates. These notices are for both the student and employer to better understand the type and amount of work-study that has been awarded. These may be presented to Career Services and your employer as proof of Work-Study and should help with the hiring process in Work Day.

Information on Federal College Work-study Program

Most work-study jobs begin at minimum wage, have flexible hours, and are conveniently located on campus. Wages are paid in the form of a bi-weekly check or direct deposit into your individual bank account. Note: The money you earn through this program is not used to determine your financial need.

Students may work up to 20 hours a week. Work-study hours are flexible. Remember: your education should be your first priority!

Employer Resources

To determine if your prospective hire is eligible for Work-Study, ask them to provide their award package from  S.A.I.L. account, or their Work-Study Certificate. If neither has been awarded Federal Work-Study, please contact the Work-Study Advisor within the Office of Financial Assistance for clarification.

Hiring Process

Students are paid according to their job title in Work Day, if a student has been awarded Feder Work-Study, they would need to be set up in Work Day under the "Federal College Work-Study" job title. Below are examples of fund codes used by Financial Aid and their corresponding Work Day title.


Examples of Work Study Fund Codes
Fund Codes Work-Day Titles

1FWS - Federal Work-Study                 

Federal College Work-Study Student

2STWS - Texas Work-Study                   

The State of Texas College Work-Study Student

3RSSWK - Rising Scholar Work-Study     

Rising Scholar Work-Student Student

1AMRDS - America Reads Work-Study 

Federal College Work-Study Student

Reading / Math Tutor

What is your next step?  Find a job!  All on-campus jobs are posted in "Hire An Islander" so activate your account now. Follow these easy steps to activate your profile and find an On-Campus or Off-Campus Work-Study job.

  1. Activate your Hire an Islander (Handshake) account through Career Services.
  2. Next, click the Student/ Alumni & Faculty log in button.
  3. At the Student Login, sign in with your islander e-mail.
  4. Complete your profile and upload a resume.
  5. **You must contact Career Services to have Work-Study added to your HireAnIslander Profile.
  6. Still Need Help?  Check out these 2 min videos by clicking the Help with Jobs button at the bottom of the page. 
  7. Need more help?  Contact Career Services @ 361-825-2628 to schedule an appointment.

Helpful Links

Click on the links below to view job aids/forms to assist you in the hiring process.

New Hire Check List

Background Check Authorization

Pay Schedule (FY 2020 Biweekly Time Traq Due Dates and Pay Period Schedule)

Note: If you require further assistance concerning the hiring process or payroll, please reach out to Human Resources