Ph.D. Management: University of North Texas, 2016
MBA Management: Our Lady of the Lake University, 2005
BBA Management: Texas State University, 1990

Joined the faculty in 2018

  • Research Interests: Multinational internationalization, institutions and institutional theory, international and strategic human resource management
  • Teaching Interests: Multinational Management, Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Organization Behavior


Dr. Rusty V. Karst is an assistant professor of management at Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi, and earned a Ph.D. in Business Administration (Strategic Management) from University of North Texas in 2016. His research is featured in peer-reviewed journals such as International Business Review and International Trade Journal. Dr. Karst previously served professionally as manager and leader of diverse groups within insurance and financial services organizations.

Selected Publications

  • Johnson, A. & Karst R. (In Press). Colombia’s Progress: Internal Peace and Foreign Trade. Journal of Appied Business and Economics.
  • Karst, R. & Johnson, A. (2021). Sub-national Institutions and Inward Foreign Direct Investment: Effects of Political Party Pendulum Swings. The International Trade Journal.
  • Karst, R. & Johnson, A. (2021). Multinational Enterprises and Cross-border Acquisitions: Evolution of the Field. The International Trade Journal, 35(1), pp.79-94.
  • Johnson, A. & Karst, R. (2020). The Case of Ciudad Verde: A New Neighborhood for Colombia. International Trade Journal, 34(1), pp. 151 – 161.
  • Karst, R. & Johnson, A. (2020). The Interplay of Institutions and Multinational Internationalization: A Complex System View. Emergence: Complexity and Organization.
  • Karst, R. & Gaffney, N. (2020). Region-based Institutions and Internationalization Decisions: Evidence from Latin America. International Trade Journal, 34(1), pp. 94 – 114.
  • Gaffney, N., Karst, R., & Clampit, J. (2016). Emerging market MNE cross-border acquisition equity participation: The role of economic and knowledge distance. International Business Review25(1), 267-275.

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