Dr. Katherine Taken Smith


D.B.A., Louisiana Tech University, 1986
M.B.A., Louisiana Tech University, 1980
B.B.A., University of Louisiana at Monroe, 1979

Joined the faculty in 2017

  • Research Interests:  Mobile Marketing, Social Media, Green Marketing
  • Teaching Interests: Advertising, Consumer Behavior, Principles


Dr. Katherine Taken Smith is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. Previously, she taught at Murray State University, Texas A&M University-College Station, and University of Mississippi. Her areas of specialization include online advertising, mobile marketing, social media, and green marketing. Her academic record includes numerous professional journal articles, books, and academic conference presentations. Her work is highly referenced, with over 1,300 citations to her work shown on Google Scholar. Dr. Smith serves on six journal editorial boards. She has received a number of awards for teaching and research, such as the Outstanding Educator Award from the Academy of Educational Leadership and the Emerging Scholar Award from Murray State University.

Selected Publications

  • Mobile advertising to Digital Natives: preferences on content, style, personalization, and functionality, Journal of Strategic Marketing (2017)
  • Hospital Marketing and Communications Via Social Media, Services Marketing Quarterly 2017)
  • Your company may unwittingly be conducting business with human traffickers: How can you prevent this? (with T. Betts), Business horizons (2015)
  • Using corporate advertising to improve public perception of energy companies (with L.M. Smith and S. Dunbar), Journal of Strategic Marketing (2014).
  • Longitudinal study of digital marketing strategies targeting Millennials, Journal of Consumer Marketing (2012)

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