Dr. Andrew F. Johnson

Andrew Johnson
Associate Dean of Student Success
Associate Professor of Management

Office: OCNR 341

Phone: (361) 825-6012
Email: andrew.johnson@tamucc.edu


Ph.D. Business Administration, The University of Texas at San Antonio, 2015
MA Political Science, Tarleton State University, 2010
MS Liberal Studies, Tarleton State University, 2009
BBA Management, Tarleton State University, 2005

Joined the faculty in 2015

  • Research Interests:  Political ideology in organizations, corporate political activity, and the impact of social change on organizations.
  • Teaching Interests: Multinational Management, Principles of Management, Strategic Management, and Business, Government & Society.


Andrew F. Johnson is an Associate Professor of Management at Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi. He was named Associate Dean for Student Success of the College of Business in 2021. In this role, he manages Bachelor of Business Administration undergraduate program enrollment, student engagement opportunities, undergraduate advising, and serves as a member of the management team for the College. He is an active member of the University's Student Success Council, has served as the Chairperson for the annual faculty and staff giving program from 2021-2023, and on the University's SACSCOC subcommittee for faculty qualifications in 2018-2019.

Dr. Johnson earned a PhD in Business Administration with an emphasis in Organization Studies and Management (Strategic Management) from The University of Texas at San Antonio in 2015. He holds a BBA in Management, MS in Liberal Studies, and MA in Political Science from Tarleton State University. Prior to his current academic appointment, he served as Chief of Staff to a Texas State Representative. A native of north Texas, he is a former local elected official.

Dr. Johnson is an author on 35 peer reviewed journal publications and over 45 conference presentations. He routinely serves as a reviewer on academic journals and is a member of the Academy of Management and Southern Management Association. He was awarded Researcher of the Year in 2019, Faculty Service Award in 2019, and Professor of the Year in 2021, by the College of Business. Dr. Johnson is a recipient of the 2023 Amigos de la Isla Award from the TAMUCC Division of Student Engagement and Success (SEAS) and the 2023 Collaboration Award from the TAMUCC Division of Enrollment Management. 

Selected Publications

  • Johnson, A. F., Roberto, K. J., Hartwell, C. J., & Taylor, J. F., (2023). A social media engagement framework for applicant attraction to organizations: #SocialMediaCongruence. Online Information Review. 
  • Johnson, A. F., Roberto, K. J., Black, S. L., & Ahamad, F., (2021). Neglected under the law: A typology of stigmatization and effective employment protections. Human Resource Management Review, 32(4).
  • Karst, R. V., & Johnson, A. F., (2022). Sub-national institutions and inward foreign direct investment: Effects of political party pendulum swings. International Trade Journal, 36(3) 177-199.
  • Rauhaus, B. M., & Johnson, A. F., (2021). Social inequities highlighted by the prolonged pandemic: Expanding sick leave. Journal of Public and Nonprofit Affairs, 7(1), 154-163.
  • Johnson, A. F., & Karst, R. V., (2021). Colombia's Progress: Internal Peace and Foreign Trade. Journal of Applied Business & Economics, 23(3), 42-48.
  • Graen, G. B., Canedo, J. C., Johnson, A. F., & Grace, M., (2021). Using LMX-Alliance to enhance follower and team performance. Research in Human Resource Management.
  • Johnson, A. F., Roberto, K. J., & Rauhaus, B. M., (2021). Policies, politics and pandemics: course delivery method for US higher educational institutions amid COVID-19. Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy, 15(2), 291-303.
  • Pollock, W. K., & Johnson, A. F., (2021). Life or death: What factors impact the decision? Crime, Law and Social Change, 75(2), 119-139.
  • Johnson, A. F., Rauhaus, B. M., & Webb-Farley, K., (2020). The COVID-19 pandemic: A challenge for US nonprofits’ financial stability. Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting & Financial Management, 29(6), 33-46.
  • Johnson, A. F., & Roberto, K. J., (2020). The COVID-19 pandemic: Time for a universal basic income? Public Administration and Development, 40(4), 232-235.
  • Karst, R. V., & Johnson, A. F., (2020). Multinational enterprises and cross-border acquisitions: Evolution of the field. International Trade Journal, 35(1), 79-94.
  • Roberto, K. J., Johnson, A. F., & Rauhaus, B. M., (2020). Stigmatization and prejudice during the COVID-19 pandemic. Administrative Theory & Praxis, 42(3), 364-378.
  • Johnson, A. F., Pollock, W. K., & Rauhaus, B. M., (2020). Mass casualty event scenarios and political shifts: 2020 election outcomes and the U.S. COVID-19 pandemic. Administrative Theory & Praxis, 42(2), 249-264.
  • Johnson, A. F., & Karst, R. V., (2020). Ciudad Verde: A new neighborhood for Colombia. International Trade Journal34(1), 151-161.
  • Roberto, K. J., & Johnson, A. F., (2019). Employer perceptions of online versus face-to-face degree programs. Journal of Employment Counseling56(4), 180-189.
  • Johnson, A. F., & Roberto, K. J., (2019). Elections and selection: The role of political ideology in selection decisions. Human Resource Management Review, 29(1), 14-27.
  • Rudy, B. C., & Johnson, A. F., (2019). The chief political officer: CEO characteristics and firm investment in corporate political activity. Business & Society, 58(3), 612-643.
  • Johnson, A. F., & Roberto, K. J., (2018). Right versus left: How does political ideology affect the workplace? Journal of Organizational Behavior, 39(8), 1040-1043.
  • Elzweig, B. P., Roberto, K. J., & Johnson, A. F., (2017). Political ideology as a proxy for disparate impact discrimination. Southern Law Journal, 27(2), 277-292.
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