Dr. Abu Waheeduzzaman


PhD, Marketing, Kent State University, 1994
MBA, International Business, George Washington University, 1988
MBA, Marketing, Institute of Business Administration, Dhaka University, 1979
BA, Economics, Sociology, and Political Science, Dhaka University, 1976

Joined the faculty in 2000

  • Research Interests: Broadly in Marketing and International Business. Topics include international competitiveness, emerging markets, convergence, inequality, nation marketing and globalization.
  • Teaching Interests: International Business, International Business Research, International Marketing, Marketing in the International Environment, International Competitiveness, and Marketing Research/Analytics, and Marketing Strategy.


Dr. Abu N. M. Waheeduzzaman is a Professor of Marketing and International Business. He has joined the  at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi (TAMUCC). He joined TAMUCC in 2000. Previously, he has taught at Salisbury State University (Maryland), University of New Haven (Connecticut), North South University (Bangladesh), and IBA, Dhaka University (Bangladesh). He has also taught in Germany and Thailand. During his long academic career, he has taught a variety of courses in marketing and international business at both graduate and undergraduate level. His publications have appeared in peer-reviewed journals—Journal of Global Marketing, Journal of Euromarketing, Journal of Global Business, Journal of Transnational Management Development, Competitiveness Review, Journal of Management Business and Economics, Journal of Euromarketing, and Proceedings of the American Marketing Association.

Currently, he is serving as Associate Editor for the Journal of Competitiveness Studies and the Journal of Euromarketing. Previously, he also served as Associate Editor for Competitiveness Review. He is a Senior Fellow of the American Society for Competitiveness.

He has received excellence awards all three areas of his academic career: teaching, research and service. He has received teaching excellence award from University of New Haven (1996) and Texas A&M University Corpus Christi (2001, 2013). He has also received excellence awards in Research (2011), Service (2018) and International Education (2017) from Texas A&M University Corpus Christi.

Selected Publications

Waheeduzzaman, Abu N. M. and Elwin Myers (2018), “Effect of Good Governance and Democracy on National Income: Does Trade or Investment Offer Any Mediating Influence?” Journal of Competitiveness Studies, 26 (3-4), 186-207.

Waheeduzzaman, Abu N. M. (2017), “Effect of Economic Integration on Consumption.”  Journal of Euromarketing, 26, 4-16.  

Waheeduzzaman, Abu N. M. (2016), “Consumption Convergence between Emerging and Developed Markets,” Journal of Euromarketing, 25 (3-4), 74-94.

Waheeduzzaman, A. N. M. (2016), “Exploring the influence of globalization and democracy/freedom on emerging markets trade,” Journal of Competitiveness Studies, 24 (4), 265-281.

Waheeduzzaman, A. N. M. (2011), “Competitiveness and convergence in G7 and emerging markets,” Competitiveness Review, 21 (2), 110-128.

Waheeduzzaman, A. N. M. and Elwin Myers (2010), “Influence of Economic Reward and Punishment on Unethical Behavior: An Empirical Study,” Business and Professional Ethics Journal, 29 (1-4), 154-174.

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