First-Time College Students

First-time college students are students who will graduate or have graduated from high school or received a GED, AND have not enrolled or completed 24 transferable hours at another institution AFTER high school or earning a GED. 

Students who have met the required high school diploma types below may be considered for admission by submitting a complete application.  

  • Distinguished Achievement (HB5)
  • Recommended (UAP)
  • Distinguished (UAP) 

First-time college students seeking admission should graduate/have graduated high school with one of the following diploma types that include 4 English credits, 4 Math credits, 4 Science credits, 3 Social Studies credits, and 2 credits of the same foreign language. 

Homeschooled, Out-of-State students, and Private School students are exempt from this requirement. 

Once a completed application and required documents are submitted, please allow 2 - 3 weeks for processing. 

You are encouraged to work with your admissions counselor throughout this process to ensure your application is complete. You can also call the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to check your application status at 361.825.2624.

Admitted students, please visit our admitted student website to learn your next steps!