Islander Green Team's main mission to spread awareness about environmental issues within our community, to promote opportunities and events for students, faculty and staff to become engaged and educated about environmental conservation along with striving for socio-ecological justice.

Our 3 main goals are:

  • To be stewards of the environment
  • Work side by side with the environmental council of TAMUCC
  • To strive for environmental sustainability on campus and lead by example

The Green Team was developed to publicize the growing number of projects and programs that promote sustainability through environmental initiatives taking place around campus. If you sponsor programs, research, or know of other activities that promote environmental stewardship/green initiatives, tell us your stories by: providing photos, web site links, and other applicable information. To have your green initiative postings included on this Web site, please e-mail them to us! Together we are able to ensure our University Environment stays Green and Clean!

View an interactive map showing sustainability locations.