I-Create Lab Use Policies

General use procedures

  1. The I-Create Lab is a collaborative learning space for current TAMUCC students, faculty staff and community.
  2. All minors must be accompanied by an adult.
  3. Patrons are required to have a SandDollar ID or a valid ID to use the equipment and must check in with I-Create staff before operating equipment.
  4. Patrons must have a signed User Agreement Form on file.
  5. Patrons must be trained on the safe and proper use of equipment by I-Create staff before they will be allowed to operate any equipment.
  6. Patrons must immediately report all problems or concerns, including all actual or potential injuries or accidents, to I-Create staff.
  7. Patrons must immediately discontinue use of equipment and alert an I-Create staff member if the user suspects any equipment malfunction.
  8. Patrons must not attempt to repair any equipment.
  9. A patron’s repeated failure to follow all instructions and directions given by I-Create staff may result in dismissal from the I-Create lab.
  10. A patron’s failure to operate the equipment properly and safely may result in the user’s loss of access to the equipment and/or monetary damages being charged to the user to replace or repair the equipment.
  11. Beverages and food are not permitted near the equipment in the I-Create lab.
  12. Patrons must allow enough time to work on projects and work at a pace that is comfortable; rushing will compromise safety and increase the chance of damaging equipment.
  13. The patron agrees that the library is not responsible for any manufacturing defects in the quality of workmanship or materials inherent in any of the tools or equipment.
  14. If patrons do not know or are unsure how to do something in the I-Create Lab – ASK! patrons should never try do something they do not know how to do.
  15. Patrons shall treat each other respectfully, sharing their knowledge whenever possible.
  16. Items are to be returned in the same condition as they were received, barring normal wear and tear. The patron agrees to pay for loss or damage to any items and further agrees to accept the staff’s assessment of fair restitution for damage, delinquency and/or loss of items in part or total.
  17. The library is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen property the patron may bring into the lab.

Fees and pickup procedures

  1. There will be a charge for any library supplied materials and consumables.
  2. Prices will vary depending upon the type of material uses.
  3. Patron supplied materials must be approved by the I-Create staff prior to usage.
  4. The I-Create lab reserves the right to refuse usage of any patron supplied materials.
  5. The I-Create lab does not have room to store projects; items created within the lab must be picked up within 7 days from the start of the project.
  6. If items are left after 7 days from the start of the project, they will be considered abandoned and will become property of the I-Create Lab to dispose of or display at the discretion of the I-Create staff.
  7. Items must be picked up by patron who created them with presentation of a proper SandDollar ID or valid ID.

Prohibited use procedures

  1. To ensure that the I-Create lab is an ethical learning environment, the creation of the following objects is prohibited at the discretion of the Library administration:
    1. Any project prohibited by local, state, or federal law;
    2. Any project that is unsafe, harmful, dangerous or poses a threat to the well-being of others.
    3. Any project that violates another’s intellectual property rights. For example, you cannot reproduce material subject to copyright patent, or trademark protection.
  2. The Library administration reserves the right to refuse any fabrication requests deemed inconsistent with TAMUCC’s policies and procedures.

Audio visual equipment checkout

  1. AV equipment checkout is only available to current TAMUCC students, faculty and staff.
  2. All equipment checks out for a 3-day period.
  3. Equipment checkout cannot be renewed over the phone.
  4. Patrons must present a current SandDollar in order to check out AV equipment.
  5. Patrons must fill out an Off Campus Use Permit Form.
  6. Fines accrue at $3.00 per day for late items.

Waiting list policy

During periods of high use, the I-Create Lab may implement a waiting list for in-demand equipment, such as the 3D printers and the laser cutter. This waiting list is not a reservation system but serves to keep track of who is next in line for certain machines and allows users to comfortably work elsewhere in the space until their turn comes. Please abide by the following guidelines to keep the waiting list system running smoothly:

  1. When entering the lab, please check in with a staff member to be added to the waiting list for the equipment you wish to use and receive your number.
  2. Work with the staff to ensure that your files are clean and ready for machining. By properly preparing your designs before your number is called, you will help the staff to minimize lag time between machine uses. It is the user’s responsibility to inspect their models before printing, both for the fidelity of the model and to insure the correct settings and quantity of items are set to run.
  3. Work with the staff to maximize your bed usage for 3D printing and laser cutting. You may only occupy one 3D printer at a time but may group multiple files together to maximize the bed area. Bear in mind that if there is a flaw in one of these models, if could result in all the models failing to print properly.
  4. You may only receive one number, or place in line, at a time. This will allow the lab to serve as many users as possible.
  5. Come prepared with a credit card or SandDollar card to pay for lab consumables used during your visit, such as 3D printer filament.
  6. It is incredibly difficult for staff to predict what your wait time will be. File errors, machine errors, the high variability in print times and other users forfeiting their place on the list all affect how quickly the lab can process these jobs.

Reserving the makerspace for class use or tours

At least two weeks’ notice must be given to reserve the I-Create Lab for class use or for a tour and should include a brief description of what the lab will be utilized for. This includes demonstrations and student use. A trained monitor must be present at all times while patrons are working in the space.  Please submit this form to the lab in order to schedule your tour/visit.  You will be contacted by I-Create staff to discuss your reservation

School and community group tours

Community group tours must be check in through the Islander Welcome Center before scheduling a visit with the I-Create Lab. Please contact the Islander Welcome Center by calling 361-825-8687 (TOUR) or email tour@tamucc.edu.