Library Faculty Handbook

The purpose of the Bell Library Faculty Handbook is to collect into one document for ease of reference the expectations, guidelines, and procedures that apply to library faculty.

The handbook is not intended to dictate the details that must be followed by the faculty; instead, it is designed with sufficient flexibility to meet specific needs consistently and fairly. Processes included in this Handbook are broad in scope.

The handbook does not replace university rules/procedures or university system policies/ regulations, but rather supplements them. In several cases, the handbook refers readers to university rules and procedures published in such documents as the University Handbook. The Library Handbook may be more restrictive than university rules/procedures or university system policies/regulations.

Every new faculty librarian will be oriented to this document, together with the University rules and procedures relevant to librarians, during their first regular semester of employment by their supervisor.

Every faculty librarian is responsible for making themselves familiar with the contents of this handbook and for asking questions if they need clarification or have concerns.