Flock Together

Did you know Corpus Christi is known as “America’s Birdiest City”? The national contest began in 2000 as a battle between San Diego, CA, and New York, NY. By 2003, sixty cities had joined the competition, and Corpus Christi won the title that same year – and has continuously been near the top of the leaderboard ever since. Many migratory patterns and shifts cross Corpus Christi which has allowed this area to become a destination for birding and eco-tourism. Birds are a part of everyday life, but once you start noticing them, they stand out as captivating creatures.


This exhibit will highlight our archival collections that showcase the rich history of the area's birding culture and two beautiful photography exhibits that capture these majestic creatures both at home and abroad. Birding crosses our paths in many ways, from environmental history to art, the activity of birding brings us all together.  Whether you have a scientific interest in ornithology or you enjoy watching birds fly, the simple activity of bird watching can be enjoyed by everyone.