Ars1 the word from which art is derived means "To put together". I had intended to purchase a record player for my son Sam. The Auctioneer not wanting to have to haul the rest of the 35 record players to the dump made me take them all for the minimum bid of $5. I could also have gotten a pallet of mimeograph machines. Lost opportunity.

What does one do with thirty five record players, You can't play them all at once2.

I have been called a pessimist3, and an opportunist4. Can you be both?

A few weeks after I picked up the record players I acquired an armful of identical records from the free book rack at Half Price Books, where only the best books go on the free rack. "Makes the mind Wander5."

Several People prior to the show have questioned my choice of records. I leave it to you, choose your own, or if you wish bring your own.

Art: Any artifact of Intelligence6.

Louis Katz 01/21/5759

Big Dictionary the morning of my thesis defense at Montana State University. I needed a broad definition of Art.

  1. Unknown individual
  2. hmm?
  3. See Previous Footnote
  4. Owen White in a conversation 1988. See Statement "W" above



1. Make sure the record player is plugged in.


2. Turn switch to pause


3. place the three arms so that the needles are on the track(s) you want to listen to. If you are unaccostumed to three armed players you may want to start with all three needles on the same track.


4. place headphones on.


5. Turn the player from off to pause to warm up and then to play.


6. adjust volume on the headphone control panel. If you cannot hear anything try wiggling the headphone jack. If that doesn't work try another set of headphones.


7. If you are the last person to listen. Please turn the player off. When the gallery is closed please unplug it.


Sincerely for your listening pleasure,