1. Purchase Starter Kit: links for items to purchase are at the top of: OrderLists
  2. Purchase Book
  3. Purchase soldering iron
  4. Install Arduino Application (directions in lesson 0 right below this)
  5. Tutorial https://learn.adafruit.com/lesson-0-getting-started don't worry if you do not have all of these parts. Read, and do lesson 1 Blink. After the Lesson 1 tutorial copy and paste the inside of the Loop part of the sketch and get two, as in
digitalWrite(led, HIGH);   
  digitalWrite(led, LOW);    
 digitalWrite(led, HIGH);   
  digitalWrite(led, LOW);   
Then get it to blink one long and one short.  
  1. https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-arduino-lesson-2-leds
  2. Install Libraries that might be needed. They go in the Libraries folder inside the Arduino Folder


  • Blink Only. Just blink an LED
  • Ohms Law, water analogy
  • Blink a Second LED with ballast resistor
    • Display
  • Motion Detector
  • Light Detector
  • Start Printing Motor Mounts
  • Wire Switches perhaps larger Arduino Power Supply.
    • Display
  • Square Wave Sound
    • Display
  • Recorded Sound
  • Hobby Servos and PWM
    • LCD Display
  • H-Bridge and motors
  • Stepper Motors, Stepper Motor Controller vs. H-Bridges and Libraries
  • Transistor Circuit Hi Power LEDs Relays.
  • Start Cutting Body Covers
  • IR controllers
  • Radio Controllers