These are notes for safety training in a class on microproceesors at A&M CC. They are not a stand alone guide to safety. They are posted as a reminder to students.

  • Voltage
  • Amps
  • Dry Skin
  • Broken Skin
  • Wet Skin
  • Head to foot
  • Across the arms
  • Ear to Ear
  • Capacitors

120V AC Safety

  • Turn off devices. Verify they are off disconnected and will stay off and disconnected.

Gallery Safety

  • Fire Hazards
    • Fuse/breaker containing power strips.
    • Fuses on devices
    • Insulated wires
    • Remove power at night
    • Lithium batteriers

Eye Hazards

  • cut ends of wires, particularly rigid wires
  • spattered solder or flux
  • moving parts on motors, solenoids.
  • centrifigal force

High power devices and mechanical hazards Remote or robotic control hazards

Chemical Hazards

  • Solder, lead, flux, lead batteries.
  • Copper Beryllium Alloys
  • Electronics parts interiors.
  • Printing of plastic, ventilation