Student Assistance

How can we help you?

  • Verification of absences due to extenuating circumstances
  • Student Ombudsperson services
  • Listen to and discuss concerns
  • Provide guidance to relevant options available
  • Referrals to resources available on and off campus
  • Education on policies and procedures set by the University

What are some common concerns?

  • Extenuating circumstance within personal life affecting your courses
  • Challenges in understanding policies and procedures (i.e. appeals, scholastic probation, etc.)
  • Communication skills with professors
  • Difficulty managing coursework
  • In danger of failing
  • “I don’t know where to go”

What to expect in a meeting?

When meeting with the SEAS Case Manager, a student can expect the meeting to last about 30 minutes in order to review the details of the situation, supporting documentation, and relevant options, if any to address concerns. There may be times when a student will have more than one meeting to resolve their situation.

At times, the student may be referred to other campus resources for additional support. The student is highly encouraged to follow through with these resources, such as I-CARE, University Counseling Services, Disability Services, etc. to continue to address their needs.

Should our office not have influence over a situation, you will be made aware and given direction to the appropriate office that may be able to assist you, if possible.

The office follows and abides by university policies such as FERPA and Clery Act. Most of what is discussed within meetings are confidential however we are obligated by University policy to report to the Title IX Coordinator situations of assault, dating violence, stalking, etc.

Ready to meet with the SEAS Case Manager?

Step 1 –  The student will need to click the "Schedule an Appointment" button to reserve a meeting time.

Step 2 – Student will meet at designated day and time to review situation, needs, documentation, etc. Outcome will be discussed within meeting.

** If you have issues scheduling an appointment, you may email the case manager to set appointment.


Meet the Case Manager

Photo of Kristeen Baum

Kristeen Baum, M.S., LPC

Case Manager
University Center 204H