Science and Engineering Departments and School

Science and Engineering Departments and School

There are 5 departments (Computing Sciences, Engineering, Life Sciences, Math/Statistics, and Physical/Environmental Sciences) and the School of Engineering & Computing Sciences in the College of Science & Engineering.

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Department of Computing Sciences

This department prepares students in computer science, geospatial computing sciences, or geographic information sciences
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Department of Engineering

This department produces graduates that can acquire career opportunities in industry, government and education.
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Department of Life Sciences

This department explores life processes from a variety of perspectives from the molecular/biochemical to the global levels.
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Department of Mathematics and Statistics

The mathematics program provides student with preparation for careers in STEM areas.
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Department of Physical and Envir. Sciences

This department offers degrees in Atmospheric Science, Chemistry, CMSS, Environmental Science, Geology and Physics.
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School of Computing Sciences & Engineering

This School prepares students for careers in engineering, computer science, or geographic information science.
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Interdisciplinary Program: SMTE

The Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education (SMTE) program offers content courses for students seeking K-12 science, mathematics, and technology education.

Science and Engineering Academic Advising

Success at Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi can be yours – and it starts when you reach out for assistance when you need it. The Academic Advising team in the College of Science and Engineering helps you reach your educational goals by providing you crucial tools, resources and guidance.