Get Diving

Whether you're looking for a good vacation spot, conducting research, or working underwater, South Texas is home to a wide range of diving opportunities. Offshore platforms, inland lakes, rivers, pass jetties, and offshore artificial reefs all make South Texas a diverse diving destination. Those just getting started diving can obtain their open water SCUBA certification from one of our local dive shops. Also ask our local dive shops about recreational dive trips such as the Flower Gardens, Texas Clipper, Bonaire, and more. Those seeking professional diving experience have opportunities through TAMU-CC, environmental groups, public safety groups, and working dive operations.

Recreational Diving

South Texas and the Gulf of Mexico is home to a wide variety of diving opportunities. If you are looking for inland freshwater diving check out Windy Point Park at Lake Travis. In the Gulf of Mexico lies an array of shipwrecks, natural gas platforms, and more, check out Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Artificial Reef Program. Further offshore lies the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, one of the healthiest reefs in the world!

Check with our local dive shops:

Scientific Diving

Scientific divers pave the path to exploring and understanding our underwater world. TAMU-CC scientific divers perform cutting edge research through grants and contracts awarded from associations such as the Smithsonian Institute, Texas Parks and Wildlife, and the Discovery Channel. Learn more about our scientific diving program.

Working Diving

Take the next step in exploring new depths using unique gear. Commercial divers complete complicated tasks underwater such as welding and inspections on offshore gas rigs, bridges, and pipelines.