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Abbey Fay

An Outstanding Islander

Outline photo of Abbey Fay

Earning the College Experience

If Abbey Fay hadn’t received the University’s Presidential Top Scholar Award, she would be unable to live on campus, and she would miss out on the college experience because she would be working nights and weekends to pay her tuition expenses. 

“The scholarship has taken a lot of financial burden off my parents,” said Fay, who is a junior accounting major. “And it has given me the opportunity to work as much as I choose. I have more time to study and live the college experience.”

The valedictorian of the Ingleside High School Class of 2010 has time to pursue music, one of her passions. She plays French horn in the Symphonic Winds, under the direction of Dr. Shawn Smith, and recently traveled to Houston with the group.

“I just love playing my instrument,” she said. “Since high school, I have acquired more in-depth knowledge about music, rather than just performing.” 

Fay is a member of the Student Accounting Society, and works as an assistant in the University Center Breakers Game Room. She also enjoys meeting new friends at Camden Miramar events.

“I recommend living on campus for at least the first year,” she said. “It really helps you transition into the college life.”

Because Fay was dedicated to her high school studies, she was able to apply for the coveted Presidential Top Scholar Award. As an incoming freshman, she was chosen for the annual award and is receiving a total of $32,000 toward her education.

The scholarship monies are provided by the President’s Council, the University’s oldest annual giving program, where members share a vision to prepare students for lives of learning, leadership, and service. The scholarship is guaranteed for annual renewal as long Fay maintains at least a 3.0 grade point average.

“Students should definitely try to get scholarships, so they won’t have to spend all their time focusing on how they will be paying for school,” she said.


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