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Ismail Alihan Hadimlioglu

An Outstanding Islander

Outline photo of Ismail Alihan Hadimlioglu
Inventive to the Core

Ismail Alihan Hadimlioglu graduated just weeks ago and has already developed his first invention.

The native of Istanbul, Turkey, who received a Master of Science in Computer Science this spring, created the Intelligent Transition Generator (ITG) as part of his thesis. Hadimlioglu, who has been a fan of music since age 7, developed the ITG computer application which analyzes the properties of two different songs and smoothly transitions them. Hadimlioglu has composed music for games, advertorials and short movies.

Hadimlioglu’s inventiveness landed him a job as project leader for the Innovation in Computing Research Labs (iCORE) project in June 2012.

“iCORE is an exceptional organization to be a part of,” said Hadimlioglu. “I believe iCORE will be one of the leading research organizations of Texas and perhaps the entire nation.”

iCORE is a research, development, and commercialization group that promotes excellence, innovation, and entrepreneurship in computing and related fields. Currently, iCORE is assisting various organizations by developing software solutions for their companies. One of iCORE’s current projects is underway at Corpus Christi’s Museum of Science and History.

“We are developing the software of an interactive wall that recognizes body movements of the users,” said Hadimlioglu. “There will be a cool component where people will be able to play games and learn more about scientific facts by interacting with the wall.”

Ongoing research projects conducted by iCORE include virtual cloning, situation-aware mobile computing, real-time integrated aerial, terrestrial, underwater sensing, gesture-based and brain human-computer interaction, and agile knowledge sharing-based software development process.

Not only was Hadimlioglu able to maintain a 4.0 GPA throughout graduate school, he kept his heritage and culture alive by staying active in the Turkish Student Association (TSA). Hadimlioglu served as President of the organization from December 2011 through January 2013.

“Our biggest goal is to provide people with a better understanding of our culture,” Hadimlioglu said. “We worked to eliminate prejudice and stereotypes by encouraging cultural exchange.”

Hadimlioglu plans to continue his research in Corpus Christi, and volunteer with iCORE, until he can begin a Computer Science doctoral program in the next couple of years.


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