TAMU-CC RCO Presents Expert Panel Discussion to Help Faculty Capitalize on Research

Published: March 29, 2017

TAMU-CC RCO Presents Expert Panel Discussion to Help Faculty Capitalize on Research

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – University faculty may wonder how they can get their research from the lab to the marketplace and maximize benefits to the community through the process of commercialization. The Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Division of Research, Commercialization and Outreach (RCO) helped its faculty and researchers understand this process with an expert panel on March 21, titled “Research, Innovation and Commercialization: Opportunities and How to Capitalize Your Discoveries.” The panel featured three members from Texas A&M Technology Commercialization (TTC) who are based out of College Station.

“We want to grow a culture within the University where faculty can identify potential intellectual property, realize the commercial value of their research and feel comfortable enough to act on it,” said Dr. Ahmed Mahdy, Associate Vice President for RCO. “We are here to support and provide resources to help faculty and researchers achieve their goals.”

Janie Hurley, Senior Licensing Manager for the Agriculture & Life Sciences Team at TTC, Dr. Xiaomin Yang, Senior Licensing Manager of the Physical Sciences Team at TTC, and Toni Miranda, New Ventures Manager at TTC, discussed the additional value that can be created from research, education and creative activities. As explained by Sharmeen Ahmed, RCO Research and Commercialization Analyst, team efforts play a significant role in converting an idea into a deliverable product.

“It is becoming more important than ever for commercialization to become a key component in the training of faculty,” said Mahdy. “It allows for extending the reach and magnifying the impact of their innovative work.”

The expert panel focused on helping researchers and educators better understand how to protect their innovations. The panel also discussed the intellectual property arrangements that may be associated with research funding opportunities. A special Q&A session followed.

“The panel discussion forced me to address questions that I had not previously contemplated regarding the potential commercial value of intellectual property,” said Dr. Toyin Ajisafe, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology at the Island University. “Contrary to my misconception that the work ends in the lab, the burden to demonstrate commercial value lies with the investigator. The good thing is that RCO supports investigators every step of the way.”

RCO’s mission is to cultivate research activity by helping University researchers at various stages of proposal development and raise the profile of Texas A&M-Corpus Christi as an emerging research institution. The services RCO offers are available to all faculty and staff to assist with projects from conception onwards and can help in developing a roadmap towards commercializing inventions.

To learn more about commercialization opportunities, visit http://research.tamucc.edu/commercialization.html.