College of Nursing and Health Sciences Honors More than 180 Graduating Students

Published: May 18, 2016

College of Nursing and Health Sciences Honors More than 180 Graduating Students

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – The College of Nursing and Health Sciences (COHNS) at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi held a hooding and recognition ceremony on May 13 to honor more than 180 students earning their degrees during the spring 2016 semester. The ceremony took place in the Performing Arts Center.

“This is a day of celebration for us and all of our hard work,” said Cayla S. Horton, who earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. “We will never forget the numerous obstacles we had to overcome. Each one of us is destined to do greater things.”  

The ceremony included the hooding of 74 master’s degree students and a pinning ceremony for 108 undergraduate nursing students.  The ceremony not only recognized the students’ degree completion, but also recognized their family, friends and educators for supporting the graduates during their journey to success.

“These students have accomplished their goals by working hard and are now ready to put what they learned into practice,” said Dr. Mary Jane Hamilton, Founding Dean of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

The hooding part of the ceremony has historic roots. By placing the hood over the students’ heads, professors symbolically welcome them as fellow scholars. In modern times, the hood’s colors represent a graduate’s university and major. The COHNS hoods are apricot in color.

Students receiving recognition were:

Bachelor of Science in Nursing: Jessica L. Aber *, Afolashade O. Akinshipe, Tracy L. Alvarez *,  Elizabeth D. Armstrong, Julia M. Briones *, Brandon R. Broyles, Clinton E. Buttler *, Marisa A. Cantu, Michael J. Casaretto, Sonya Y. Corley, Kimberly S. Coyle, Kimberly N. DeLaGarza, Marissa L. Dunn *, Carolina E. Esquivel, Janet Estrada, Melissa K. Fix *, Laura Flores, LetiMaria Flores *, Ambrie R. Garcia, Michelle C. Garcia *, Kimberly R. Garza,     Kailey P. Gawlik *, Evelyn I. Gayle, Iris Gomez, Mary A. Gonzalez, Julie A. Gonzalez-De Leon, Kyla E. Goodman, Jonas A. Gosschalk, Rita Guerra, Jennifer Gwyn, Kaitlyn R. Haney, Aileen P. Harms, Kelly J. Hazlett, Ruby M. Hernandez, Jules C. Hessek *, Dolores N. Hidalgo, Abigayle L. Hoelscher *, Cayla S. Horton *, Gessica C. Huber, Tylar L. Landgraf, Brooke E. Lane, Desiree C. Longoria, Brenda E. Lopez *, Edy M. Lopez, Omar A. Lopez, Kimberly M. Marley, Daniel Martinez *, Stefanie D. Martinez, Sonya R. McClellan, Jasmin D. Morton, Andrea D. Multer *, Vanetta M. Ned, Mary M. NguyenZephaniah W. Pease IV, Chastity F. Perez, Danielle R. Perez, Shonna A. Poland, Jupiel R. Rabanzo, Katelyn R. Ramsay, Sarah J. Raymond, Sarah N. Reidy *, Audrey L. Rendon, Jessica Robles, Jeanette Rodriguez, Skylar M. Romeyn *, Leslie M. Rosales, Priscilla M. Saenz, Martha I. Sands, Meagan R. Shafer, Jenny C. Spinks, Janette L. Garza, Morgan M. Stephens, Janet P. Tanhnavong, Deanna Trevino, Sheri L. Ward *, Kandise L. Young and Crystal Zepeda.

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences: Leslie Alaniz, Brian J. Allec +, Denise M. Caro, Amanda Joanna Casely-Hayford, Vanessa Castaneda, Shalanda N. Cummings, Alandrei G. Dennis, Shalyndria M. Elizaldi, Evelyn C. Garcia +, Kristen N. Garza, Sara E. Garza, Adriana E. Gonzalez, Candrea S. Hayes, Felicia N. Hernandez, Victor Hernandez, Mary V. Leyendecker +, Amy A. Macias, Adilene Marquez +, Juanita I. Martinez, Raquel S. Martinez, William M. McCann, Regina M. Miranda, Charlotte D. Obrien, Sofia Ortega, Aubrie L. Pankratz, Justin M. Perales, Lisa C. Perez, Ryan A. Peter +, Janelle E. Peters, Audrey E. Poirier, Rachel A. Rambo, Leslie M. Ramirez, Zabrina P. Scott, Olga L. Uribe +, Rafiat Omolola Usman, and Monsurat O. Usman +.

Master of Science in Nursing: Elizabeth I. Akinyemi, Melissa A. Altamirano, Deepa R. Bangalore, Kathrine K. Beaty *, Araceley P. Berg, Valerie G. Bermudez *, Paul F. Boseman, Martina Briseno-Lucio, Kasey L. Bryant, Samantha J. Calaway *, Ernesto V. Cerdina, Thresiamma K. Chacko, Whitney R. Cline, Brittany A. Cooper, Kayla J. Cowdin *, Gillian A. Cox, Megan L. Craig, Jesse F. De La Cruz *, Christina Foster *, Kristin D. Gainer, Yolanda E. Garcia *, Shannon L. Gideon, Crystal M. Gonzales *, Melissa A. Gonzales, Melissa D. Gorbet,           Melissa A. Granberry, Patricia R. Griffin *, Blanca L. Guerra, Kimberly T. Guzman *, Kameron L. Harrison *, Nneka I. Harrison, Henry A. Heiser,  Sarah M. Hill *, Colleen N. Hunter-Gaudreau *, Angel Infante, Gregory M. Jackson, Acadia M. Joines, Britany L. Kelley *, Erin C. Lawson, Michelle S. Lee *, Carol A. Leibold, Christopher Liao,  Tamitha E. Mackey *, Emily A. Miller *, Andrew S. Ong, Maria Ortiz, Christi A. Payne,  Christina A. Perry *, Melissa L. Pham, Indavong P. Phonasa *, Christine G. Pinones *, Lisa D. Price *, Ilaria M. Reyes *, Christie G. Richter, Imelda Rios, Danielle P. Roberts, Lisa M. Rodriguez *, Monica L. Rodriguez, Elena Sabuncu *, Mary K. Schoolcraft *, Kristina K. Skalski, Rebecca G. Slonaker *, Sara A. Sosa *, Karen M. Spencer, Carmencita L. Spradling *, Susanna C. Symm, , Donna L. Tubb, Dora A. Velazquez *, Elizabeth L. Villarreal, Rita P. Villarreal, Rachelle D. Wheeler *, Wendy M. Wilson, Catherine Worley * and Doris E. Young,

Post Master's Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate: Nichola J. Harlan, Suzanne M. Kelley, Virginia L. Hardaway and Monica Murphy.

Outstanding Graduating BSN Nursing Student: Tracey Alvarez

Outstanding BSN eLine Nursing Student:Lori Grant

Undergraduate Research Award: Andrea Multer

O’Neil Award for Caring: Sheri Ward

O’Neil Award for Caring eLine: Clinton Buttler

Outstanding Graduating Health Science Student: Charolette OBrien

Health Sciences Leadership Award: Mary Leyendecker and Raquel Martinez

Outstanding Graduate Nursing Student:Christine Pinones and Ilaria (LaLa) Reyes

Graduate Research Award:Greg Jackson and Dora Velasquez

The * next to students names denotes Sigma Theta Tau, International Honor Society of Nursing inductees. The + next to students names denotes Upsilon Phi Delta Honor Society inductees.

To view more photos from the ceremony, click here.