1972 by Aleah Anderson

Atlee M. Cunningham Papers, Collection 129, Box 1, Folder 1. Special Collections and Archives, Mary and Jeff Bell Library, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. Accessed April 26, 2022.

This publication was about the Water Distribution System Construction Division. This was basically an outline of how the water system works in Corpus Christi works. In this Archive, there were pictures of the water system. But in this article, Corpus Christi is one of the oldest coastal and was wanting to experiment with the water developments and improving the coastline. There was a water tank near a dam but that was never passed. In this Archive, there are plans of the water plant and how they were going to construct it. This could be a problem though because they would have to be mindful of where they built this water plant.

 Corpus Christi City Council Meeting Minutes April 26, 1972, Corpus Christi Public Records Online Database. Accessed April 26, 2022.

In this City council Meeting, there was an argument still talking about which water supply would Nueces County want to use. They mentioned the budget and how that would come into place. The council seemed to be on board with the cheaper and fundable water supply. The Choke Canyon caught their eyes with women wanting to vote for it. And the men looking how cheap this water supply is, but they never mentioned how this would affect the minorities. There was a person of color there regulating these council meetings.

“Dupont Application Hearing Scheduled” Corpus Christi Caller, January 18, 1972. Accessed April 26, 2022. America's Historical Newspapers.

This News Article depicts a chemical plant in the north area of Corpus Christi. There was a council that mentioned DuPont wanting to release “2,900,000 gallons per day of industrial wastewater from the plant into the bay”. There was someone in that city council who thought of a better way of dumbing that waste. The only downside is that it would cost around 1 million dollars to do it. They called it the “right-of-way bill” to be passed. This was a huge deal because this would disturb everyone in the bay.

Hajovsky, Polly Ann. 2019. "Microplastic Ingestion of Juvenile Fish in Corpus Christi Bay and Upper Laguna Madre, Texas." Order No. 22588661, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. Accessed April 26, 2022.

This article mentions that there are toxic chemicals in the Corpus Christi Bay area. This can be harmful to minorities that live near the bay because of the toxic chemicals in the air or the effect if one might swim in the bay. Also, if this information about toxic waste in the bay some minorities might want to fish, and once that fish is eaten these chemicals will be in the human body. In this article, there is a map of where these “Juvenile Fish” are in 1972. It even mentions that in 1972 there was a study done on how much plastic is on the Gulf Coast. This study shows us how we need to be more cautious of how much plastic we use on an everyday basis.  

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“Herman Has Happy Option” Corpus Christi Caller-Times January 2, 1972. Accessed April 26, 2022. America's Historical Newspapers.

This Newspaper mentions how women are not equal pay in the work business. I wanted to find out more about what women were doing in the year 1972. Well, they were working but not getting paid and having the respect that men always get. Charlotte Klein was the spokeswoman speaking about how women in the work area are different from men. I believe this is environmental justice because men need women and if all the women leave the area what would that area look like without women in it. The justice of this is these women in 1972 were getting equal pay and weren’t getting equal opportunities. My favorite quote is “In the labor market woman always has to be exceptional. She has to be better than a man to move up.”

 “Nixon’s Environmental Message was Bland Fare,” Corpus Christi Caller-Times February 12, 1972: Accessed April 26, 2022.  America's Historical Newspapers.

This News Article was about President Nixon’s plans on what to do about endangered wildlife. So, President Nixon had a list to improve one was the water pollution and how it can be improved. The second is getting the younger audience to be more involved with the environmental movement. Environmentalists pointed out some of the disqualifies of the usage of the pollution and toxic waste and how they are departing these harmful usages. President Nixon did this for two things environmental regulations and since elections were coming, he wanted to be more involved with global problems.

Rodman, Don. “Response Zones Urge” Corpus Christi Caller. March 28, 1972. Accessed April 26, 2022. America's Historical Newspapers.

This news article is about the Rezoning Clash Erupts anew. In this, it was mentioned about “discussing and disagreeing over the philosophy of zoning”. The city wanted to build an apartment on Everhart road but there were some issues with that. Someone in the meeting mentioned about 11 acres and wanting to move it there but it just wasn’t appropriate areas. There was an argument about where the City should rezone the city. Also, in this news article, there is a response area for urgent responses about the rezoning areas.

Wild, Wolfgang. “Nov. 1972: Smokestacks of a Chemical Plant, Corpus Christi.” DOCUMERICA. DOCUMERICA, February 22, 2022.  Accessed April 26,2022.

Here we have a document and in this document is a picture of the Smokestacks of a Chemical Plant in 1972. Marc St. Gill was the photographer, in this photograph, it is a very vintage feel to it. Below the photo, there is a description, “Old Darky”, this was a plant’s known name because of the black smoke that always comes out. This website is interesting because if you explore the website it has tons of different events and years of events. And different photographers but with this, you can donate a dollar to support photographers and their collections.

Wood, Jim. “Reclamation Bureau Picks and R&M dam site urge funding” Corpus Christi Caller-Times (Corpus Christi, Texas), April 29, 1972: 17. Accessed April 26, 2022.  America's Historical Newspapers.

This news article is about the R&M and the Choke Canyon. This is a water system near the dam. R&M wants to have a healthier system of water in Nueces County. And the Choke Canyon is the opposite, but they are both wanting to support the environment with better supplies for the dam. This was a topic because these two were competing for money and attention to see which water company would be the main source of the Nueces County.

Wood, Jim. “Rezoning Clash Erupts Anew” Corpus Christi Times June 8, 1972. Accessed April 26, 2022. America's Historical Newspapers.

This is June 8, 1972, and the main topic of this news article is R&M vs. Choke Canyon. What were the Nueces going to do? Well, there was a proposition about women were going to vote for the Choke Canyon. These women were part of The Corpus Christi League of Women. They wanted to go for the Choke Canyon because of how much water will be more used and how much it would cost rather than the R&M. I like how women were being active in the city council meetings and wanting to have a voice of their own when it comes to there city.

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