1960 by Margaret Cone


U.S. Censuses of Population and Housing, 1960 :  Census Tracts Corpus Christi, Tex., Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area. Washington, D.C: U.S. Department of Commerce, 1961., 2013.

     A census of Corpus Christi taken in 1960, showing where certain populations lived. It gives an insight into why certain populations were more affected by certain events, like the new plans for I-37. The populations of color were often much more impacted by these events. The census shows where they were living and why those neighborhoods may have been populated by those people.


The Port of Corpus Christi, Texas /. Fort Belvoir, Va. :: US Army Corps of Engineers, 1960.

     A book on the Port of Corpus Christi, where it was built, and how its construction impacted the city and those who lived there. While the port was built in 1926, its impacts were felt for several decades after. Many different groups of people were severely affected by its construction, and it caused many to congregate in different areas of the city.


Allhands, James Lewellyn. Railroads to the Rio. Salado, Tex: Anson Jones Press, 1960.

     A book about the railroads that were being constructed and who was mostly impacted by them. These railroads were being built all through south Texas, down to the Rio Grande. They changed many lives and the accessibility of south Texas.


"Westpan Hydrocarbon Co." 1960.Wall Street Journal (1923-), Oct 03, 26.

     A newspaper article about the stockholders of this hydrocarbon company having talks about liquidation. It was proposed that all of the company’s oil and gas be sold to a separate energy company. This process would have led to many of the company employees being let go.


"Crestmont Buys Banquette Gas." 1960.Wall Street Journal (1923-), Dec 02, 23.

     A newspaper article about an energy company that bought out another company. Many of these kinds of events were happening in Corpus Christi in this year. The companies that were being bought out often had to let employees go, so many people lost their jobs.


"Westpan Hydrocarbon Sale." 1960.Wall Street Journal (1923-), Nov 03, 4.

     A newspaper article about how the hydrocarbon company was a official sold and the rights to the company were bought by a company in Amarillo. It also says that the company will be dissolved. This is the continuation of an event described in an article mentioned above.


"Sunray Mid-Continent Unit Plans Styrene Plant in Texas." 1960.Wall Street Journal (1923-), Jul 15, 11.

     A newspaper article about plans for a new styrene plant being built in Corpus Christi. The plant will cost a lot of money and resources to build. It would also impact the environment in several different ways. The city would definitely feel the effects of this plant being built.


"Supreme Court Agrees to Review Award of Damages to Dixon-Yates." 1960.New York Herald Tribune (1926-1962), Apr 05, 6.

     A part of a newspaper article that says that the Supreme Court ruled that workers for the Corpus Christi reservoir were not covered by the overtime provisions of the wage-hour law. These workers believed that they were not being paid the amount that they believed they should be paid. This ruling made it difficult for other people to make a similar argument.


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