Schafer, Charles. “Explosion of Oil Tanks Fires Big Storage Area,” Corpus Christi Caller, May 17, 1952, A-1, B-1. Accessed February 22, 2022. America’s Historical Newspapers.


            This newspaper article covers a large explosion and fire at the General American Tank Storage Terminal on May 16, 1952. The journalist reported “no loss of life or serious injuries” in the initial explosion and resulting fire. The explosion happened at 2:15 p.m. and as the fire spread, National Guardsmen evacuated three hundred families from a nearby predominantly African American neighborhood of Hillcrest. The photographs in the story show how close the fire and smoke came to homes, including the Leathers public housing unit. Smaller fires briefly spread to residences and businesses. One caption noted that the flames came so close to the D. N. Leathers community center that the windows “could not be touched for any length of time.”

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