Online Course Redesign Program

Program Overview: With the generous support of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) and to promote digital transformation at TAMU-CC, DLAI will fund the redesign of approximately 20 courses for online delivery based on the backward design planning framework. The program consists of three sequential phases. 

In phase 1, program participants will create and peer-review redesigned course maps. The maps will be posted to the THECB OERTX Repository to be shared with a Creative Commons license. In phases 2 and 3, faculty may apply to create redesigned courses in the learning management system (LMS) and evaluate the effectiveness of such courses. The specific details of each phase are described further on the page.


  • Applicants may choose to apply and complete phase 1 only; completion of phases 2 and 3 is not required.
  • Successful completion of each phase is required before advancing to the next phase.
  • Applicants indicating their intent to complete all three phases may be given priority for participation. 

The application is now closed.  

The recipients will be announced by the last week of February. 

For more information, contact Alexandra Janney at 361-825-2956 or