Research & Creative Activities Fund Request Form

Guidelines and Application

The goal of this program is to provide financial support to our students in an effort to encourage robust involvement in scholarly and creative pursuits. The maximum amount of reimbursement per student is $750 for each award, with an overall maximum of $3,000 per award. Multiple Honors students can be supported per award. For example, a faculty member taking three Honors students to a conference can make one request for a maximum of $2,250 ($750*3). Students may receive one award per academic year. Students may be able to receive additional support as funding permits.

*Due to current TAMU System restrictions travel funding will no longer be available until fall term.

Fundable Requests

  1. Travel in which the student is actively participating through conference panels, poster presentations, creative performances, competitions, field research, or related activities. We will reimburse students for: airfare, hotels, conference registration, and/or rental cars/taxis, or mileage for personal vehicles (faculty member’s portion of rental or mileage cost need not be portioned out), but not meals.
  2. Professional trainings or workshops related to research and creative activities.


  • We will only fund Honors students in good standing in the program that are not currently on probation or suspension
  • Funds will only be reimbursed for the student’s direct activities
  • Requests must be submitted by a faculty mentor on the student’s behalf
  • Faculty must complete the student(s) travel authorization request & expense reports in concur in order for the student(s) to get reimbursed
  • Faculty are responsible for making sure students fill out appropriate travel paperwork prior to submitting authorization reports
  • Requests must be made and confirmed at least one month in advance of the activity
  • In the case of travel, funds must be encumbered two weeks prior to travel; travel reports that come through without being encumbered in advance will be forfeited
  • Expense requests will be approved provided that they reflect the initial proposed breakdown
  • Students are required to provide at least one picture of themselves during or after conferences panels, presentations, or related events that can be used to promote the Honors Program
  • Rooms should be shared and by students of the same sex to the extent possible
  • Under no circumstances should a faculty member share a room with students and such requests will not be approved
  • Honors will make direct purchases for any trainings