How Do I Apply To The Program?

Application Information and Deadlines:

For students that would like to join in Fall 2022, the deadline to apply is May 15 for current high school seniors, TAMU-CC students, or transfer students. We will limit our Fall 2022 cohort to 40 students. Once we have 40 students accept Honors Program admission, we will add students to a waitlist. 

 For current high school seniors we would love to invite you to apply to our Program if you are in the top 15% of your high school class or 3.5 GPA. For Fall 2022 admission, SAT and ACT scores are optional. Instead, the Honors Admissions Committee places a high priority on application essay answers. 

 For current TAMU-CC and transfer students we require an overall GPA of at least 3.5 and no less than 24 transferrable hours. Students applying for Fall 2022 do not need to have 24 hours completed by their application date; they only need complete those hours by the start of the fall term. 
Once you are accepted to TAMU-CC please click the “Apply Now!” link to the left to complete the Honors Program application. The Admissions Committee will meet in February and April to review applications. You can expect to hear from us by February 28 or April 29, depending on your application date.