Beyond the Classroom

Learning and creativity come from experiences...not always within the classroom. We provide our students with experiences that expand their understanding of the field of graphic design and challenge the status quo. From attending national design conferences to bringing nationally renowned guest lectures to the island, we aim to inspire and ignite our students' creative passion.

Oso Bay Biennial XIX 

The Oso Bay Biennial is a bi-annual event held within the Department of Art at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. In 2016, the emphasis for the biennial was graphic design! With months of fundraising and planning, we were able to host an amazing event for our students and professional community. Additionally, we had students from many other design programs across Texas in attendance. Speakers include Aaron DraplinDana TanamachiArmin VitCulture PilotRamy Hanna from Tilt PixelLiz Cooke, and more!

Industry Conferences

We encourage our students to participate in local, regional, and national conferences and conventions to foster their understanding of Graphic Design and the creative field at large. These enlightening events allow students to hear from national and international speakers and attend workshops led by industry giants. Efforts to participate in meetups like The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Conference and the DSVC National Student Show and Conference in Dallas are regularly coordinated by program faculty. Student registration fees are typically fully or partially funded by University initiatives and program fundraising efforts for qualifying students.

Being an Islander 

Your experiences both beyond campus and Corpus Christi are enriching, however, don't underestimate the richness of our community on the Island! A variety of sports, sororities and fraternities, clubs, theater and musical performances and so much more awaits. Celebrating our differences, TAMU-CC hosts a number of multi-cultural events so that we may learn from one another. Student life at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi is just that, lively!