Transcribing Preparation

Lead time

Before making the captioning request, make sure we have enough lead time to address issues like hiring a transcriber or processing a request.

  • Live broadcasts:
    • Students: Disability Services can hire a transcriber for students attending classes or events with at least forty-eight (48) hours lead time. They recommend the student register with them at the beginning of the semester, so they know which students need this accommodation to schedule it out throughout the semester ahead of time.
    • Non-students or general audiences: Division of Information Technology can hire a transcriber for live events broadcast to general audiences with currently ten (10) business days lead time due to the pandemic. For commencement ceremonies, they must have the graduate lists to submit to the transcriber one (1) week before the event to request special commencement captioning services.
  • Prerecorded video: All captioning requests should be provided with five (5) business days lead time.