Affordable Learning Tools Committee

Purpose or Function: The Affordable Learning Tools Committee is a cross-campus collaborative of faculty, staff, and students working together to reduce the costs of learning materials for students with the goal of making college more affordable. The committee works to:

  • Inform the campus about textbook affordability issues and options
  • Develop initiatives to encourage adoption and creation of open educational resources by faculty
  • Advise on and assist with the implementation of provisions from Texas legislation related to Open Education, such as S.B. 810 and H.B. 1027
  • Coordinate any TAMU-CC response to system-wide and/or statewide textbook affordability initiatives
  • Advise the Provost on textbook affordability and open education issues

Membership: The committee consists of appointed representatives from the University Registrar, University Services, Student Government Association, Academic Affairs, Digital Learning and Academic Innovations, Mary and Jeff Bell Library, Faculty Senate, and faculty representatives from each of the academic colleges/schools appointed by their dean/director.  The Dean of Libraries will serve as an ex-officio member.  Faculty and staff members will serve 2-year renewable terms.  Students will serve 1-year terms.

Chair: The Mary and Jeff Bell Library representative will serve as the chair.  The co-chair is appointed by the chair.

Responsible University Official: Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs 

Affordable Learning Tools Committee Members
Name Unit Represented Term End

Alexa Hight

Mary and Jeff Bell Library (Chair)

May 31, 2024 

Daniel Bartholomay

College of Liberal Arts (Co-Chair)

May 31, 2024

Jennifer Taylor

College of Business

May 31, 2024

James Silliman

College of Science

May 31, 2024

Petru Simionescu

College of Engineering and Computer Science

May 31, 2024

Guang Zeng

College of Education & Human Development

May 31, 2024

Teresa Ercan

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

May 31, 2024

David Shields

School of Arts, Media, & Communication

May 31, 2025

Christie Roberts

University Registrar

May 31, 2024

Trennon Cavanagh

University Services

May 31, 2024

D'Angelo Sands

Academic Affairs

May 31, 2025

Alexandra Janney

Digital Learning and Academic Innovations

May 31, 2024

Deniz Gevrek

Faculty Senate

May 31, 2024

Emily Delaune

Student Government Association

May 31, 2024

Catherine Rudowsky

Dean, Mary and Jeff Bell Library (ex-officio)


 Last Updated: 09/18/2023