Zero Waste

Our Goal: To educate students and others on the importance of reducing plastic consumption and waste being sent to landfill.

Within our Zero Waste Committee, we understand that many of the resources we consume on this planet are finite. Therefore, we live by the actions of reduce, reuse, recycle, refuse, and repair. The biggest emphasis is on reducing single-use plastics and reusing the items that we already have. Some tips to lowering your waste include:

  • bringing your own bags to the grocery store
  • drinking from a refillable water bottle
  • composting your food scraps
  • opting for bamboo toothbrushes & metal straws
  • using bar soap, shampoo, & conditioner
  • shaving with a stainless steel razor
  • packing your own lunch
  • or bringing your own tupperware when eating out

Remember that "zero waste" is something to strive for, not to be perfect at. It is a journey that we are all at different stages in. As long as you are trying to be mindful of your waste, then that is a step forward. Message us  on instagram @islandergreenteam or at with any questions!


Microplastics found on Mustang Island

Microplastics found on Mustang Island

Students conducting a nurdle survey. For more info visit nurdlepatrol.orgStudents conducting a nurdle survey. For more info visit