Waste Audit

Waste audits are a sorting and weighing of collected trash and recyclables from a specific building. This data can be used to determine the amount and types of waste that is generated. Information from these audits can help us determine how we can reduce the waste stream from Texas A&M Corpus Christi students and campus community.

The primary purposes of a waste audit are to...

  1. Initiate and supply data to our Zero Waste programs

  2. Obtain insight on the amount of food waste for our composting program

  3. Identify habits of local consumers that are not working (e.g., if an item is consistently found in the wrong bin)

  4. Develop a plan to address deficiencies through communication and education backed by statistics

Waste audits allow a starting point on informatively reducing our waste production and promoting reusable material, composting and better recycling results.

Our next Audit will be Friday March 3rd, 2022 at 1pm-3pm over Bay Hall's waste stream. We will be meeting in Bay Hall Mechanical Rm whose entrance is located outside across from the Art Center


Past Audit Data:

Fall 2019 1st Floor University Center

Spring 2019 Bell Library

Fall 2018 Early Childhood Development Center

Spring 2018 Island Hall & Dugan Wellness Center

Fall 2017 Bell Library

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