Solar Panel Array Data

Engineering Building Solar Panel Installation

Click Here to see Real Time Usage for the Solar Panel Array.

Installation of solar panels was a grant funded project with Green Mountain Energy:Green Mountain Energy

100 solar panels installed on the roof

100 solar panels installed on the roof:

  •  92 – 250 Watt Poly crystalline panels
  •  4 – 260 Watt Mono crystalline panels
  •  4 – 255 Watt mono crystalline panels

System total – 25060 watts or about 25 kilowatts

Solar Panels

Each panel has a micro inverter which will allow monitoring of the individual panels.  We can then determine the efficiencies of the different panels.

The system will be operational For the Fall semester of 2013. 

Eventually there will be a web link to the panels for detailed output observation and energy monitoring for the Engineering Building.