Occupational Health Program

Protecting the health and safety of all at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi is crucial to the continued success of our mission to promote a healthy and safe setting in which to conduct research, teaching and organizational activities. The Occupational Health Program (OHP) is managed by Environmental, Health & Safety (E,H&S).

The Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi’s Occupational Health Program is intended to provides occupational health services to personnel at risk of exposure to animals or infectious biohazards in the course of their participation in IBC or IACUC permitted research or teaching activities. The OHP provides eligible participants with access to educational resources, occupational health services, and to an occupational health provider.

Participation in the Occupational Health Program

Specifically, the OHP addresses exposure to the following:

1.    Biohazardous materials handled in IBC permitted research, teaching or diagnostic laboratories at BSL-2 or higher including:

  • Human pathogens or zoonotic pathogens of animals;
  • Materials potentially containing human pathogens (e.g. human or non-human primate blood, body fluids, unfixed tissues, or cell lines- including commercially available lines);
  • Recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid molecules and cells, organisms, and viruses containing such molecules; and
  • Biological Select Agents and Toxins.

 2.    Animals, or their tissues, body fluids, or wastes.

The extent of participation in the OHP is based on a risk assessment that takes into account type of exposure, extent and frequency of exposure, and a review of health history by an Occupational Health Professional.

Please email OHP@tamucc.edu if you have questions about your job duties and enrollment in the Occupational Health Program.

Enrollment Information

To enroll follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Occupational Health Program Enrollment Form.  Whether you opt in/or out of the OHP, you still need to send your enrollment form.
  2. Send your completed form to ohp@tamucc.edu.

The provider will review your information and make a recommendation for medical services if needed (e.g. hepatitis B series, etc.).

It is the individual’s responsibility to undertake the recommendations of the OHP provider.

Contact Information

For questions, contact the Environmental, Health & Safety Department:

Office: 825-5555   Email: OHP@tamucc.edu   Web Page: Contact Us