Indoor Air Quality

The primary mission of the Environmental, Health & Safety Department’s Indoor Air Quality Program is to ensure a healthy learning and teaching environment for Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. To achieve this goal, the E,H&S Department incorporates the cooperation of the campus community and participation of the Facilities Services trade specialists, as outline in the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Tools for Schools Program and Texas Department of State Health Services.

Report IAQ Concerns

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The IAQ Survey focuses on:

  1. Conducting an assessment inspection on IAQ-related concerns.

  2. Determine possible pollutant sources throughout the affected area or building.

  3. Reporting items that need to be repaired, adjusted, cleaned or replaced to Facilities Services.

Information from the IAQ Survey is used to identify current conditions that could adversely affect indoor air quality.

IAQ problem indicators include:

  • odors, dirty or unsanitary conditions
  • visible fungal growth, mold or mildew
  • moisture in locations, staining or discoloration of building materials
  • smoke damage
  • presence of toxic substances
  • poorly-maintained filters
  • potential for soil gas entry
  • unusual noises from equipment
  • leaks
  • uneven temperatures
  • overcrowding
  • personal air cleaning devices (ion generators, ozone generators or portable filtration units)
  • personal fans
  • blocked or re-directed vents/diffusers
Take notes on a floor plan during the walk-through and identify potential or existing problems indicating a need for either close monitoring or corrective action.