portrait of Cigdem Alagoz Ekici, Adjunct Faculty

Cigdem Alagoz Ekici

Adjunct Faculty
S&E - Math/Statistics Sciences

I teach statistics for TAMUCC. I am a research and evaluation specialist and grant writer at Education Service Center, Region 2. I wore many hats in the field of education since I started as a math teacher in 2000. I taught courses at undergraduate and graduate levels in the fields of educational measurement, research, statistics, teacher training, and mathematics education. I have worked as a statistician for high-stakes nationwide and statewide assessments. As a research scientist and a faculty member, I have collaborated with many departments to provide statistics support for research programs. As a grant writer, I have been writing grants to provide educational services to the school districts in our Region in addition to providing training, and technical assistance to school districts in their grant seeking activities. As a research and program evaluation specialist, I have been providing statistical and research design support to evaluate the impact of educational programs that are endorsed and or supported either by our Service Center or Texas Education Agency.