Fall 2020: Plans for Campus

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi will be open in Fall 2020 and is implementing a gradual return to the campus under guidance from Governor Abbott, the CDC, and The Texas A&M University System. In developing a course of action, the health and safety of our Islander Community continues to be our highest priority.

Faculty and staff began returning to campus in a limited capacity on June 8 under our Return to Work Plan. The plan include:

  • A phased, incremental approach for returning employees, allowing for continued telework and staggered schedules, when appropriate, to maintain reduced density on campus;
  • A willingness, when circumstances change, to modify protocols as necessary.
  • The implementation of proper social distancing measures (at least six feet apart) in workspaces;
  • Regular cleaning and decontamination of facilities and workstations;
  • A ready supply of hand sanitizer and cleaning/disinfectant products in appropriate locations;
  • The requirement to wear face coverings when adequate social distancing is not possible;
  • Directional guidance on safe foot traffic within offices, elevators, stairwells, and other shared spaces;
  • Protocols to conduct daily monitoring of temperatures and other relevant symptoms.

A full return to campus is anticipated on August 17. If the situation warrants it, changes will be made to this plan.

Return to Campus Student Forum

Students, if you were unable to attend this event held July 28th, you can watch a replay of the Return to Campus Student Forum.