Islander Academy



Students must be a current high school student, attending one of the high schools that has a current Memorandum of Understanding on file with TAMU-CC, or a home-schooled student.

  • Corpus Christi College Preparatory High School
  • Flour Bluff ISD
  • London ISD
  • Santa Gertrudis ISD
  • Premont ISD

Students must have the approval of their legal guardian/parent, as well as their high school counselor and their high school principal (if applicable).

Students must meet one of the designated criteria for TSI requirements. For more information, click Texas Success Initiative (TSI).

Students must have proof of a current bacterial meningitis shot or submit valid proof of vaccination exemption. 

Students must be prepared to function in an adult learning environment.



All interested students will need to complete a Texas A&M University –Corpus Christi online application through and pay the application fee.

In addition, students will need to submit the Islander Academy application. Islander Academy applications may be submitted via email to or Students must have the approval of their parents/legal guardians, as well as their high school counselor and high school principal (if applicable).

Submit proof meeting one of designated criteria for TSI requirements to TAMU-CC Admissions Office.

Submit proof of a current bacterial meningitis shot or submit valid proof of vaccination exemption to TAMU-CC Admissions Office.
Here are things you need to do before the semester starts.
  • Develop a schedule.
    • As a Dual Credit student your schedule becomes more important than ever. You are allowed to take core curriculum courses that have been approved by your school district. Core curriculum courses are foundational classes that are required for all degrees. For a list of A&M Corpus Christi’s core curriculum, go to our dual credit page. Scroll down to here and click this link.

      Start developing your schedule by meeting with your high school dual credit advisor. When creating your schedule, plan for the following.

      1. Have an attendance period at high school.
      2. Plan for lunch.
      3. Plan around school activities.
      4. Allow time for transportation to and from A&M Corpus Christi.
      5. Schedule courses that meet your high school graduation requirements first.
      6. Make sure you meet any A&M Corpus Christi prerequisites for the classes you want to take. To find these prerequisites, watch the video entitled, “Looking-up course offerings”.

      Once your schedule is complete, have your dual credit advisor send it to me for approval. If approved, you will be registered on the first day of registration assuming you have no holds.

  • Look-up course offerings.

    • Once you determine what classes you need, you need to look-up the available days and times for these classes. Go here to find this. Select the term, full term. Select the subject. Click view. You will find all the classes with that prefix. Pay attention to the date column. Some classes have different starting and ending dates. You will also find the instructional method here. This will let you know if the class is online, face-to-face, or a combination. Pay attention to the note’s column. It will list any prerequisites for the class. Make sure you have these met. When you find a class you want, write down the CRN, class prefix and number, and days and times of the class. You can also see the building and room number here. It is also helpful to make a back-up schedule. Review this schedule with your high school advisor. If approved, it will be sent to me for final approval.
  • If this is your first semester at TAMU-CC, you need to set-up your Islander credentials.

    • As a Dual Credit student, you must set-up your Islander credentials. These consist of your student ID, Island ID, password, and university e-mail. As always, keep your Islander Credentials in a secure location. Here is how to set them up. Go to this webpage. Start by clicking here to get your student ID. This is the primary way you will be identified by the university. Claim your Island ID and establish your password here. This is what you will use to login to SAIL, Blackboard, and your university e-mail. Set-up your account recovery information. Enroll your device for Duo Two-Factor Authentication. Login to your university e-mail. This is the e-mail your advisor will use to communicate with you. Login to SAIL. This is where you can access your academic records. This is also where you can check to see if you have any holds. While on campus, you can login to campus Wi-Fi here. Finally, this is where you can login to Blackboard once classes start. Please see the link below regarding the description and purpose of Blackboard.

  • Find and remove holds.

    • If your Islander Academy Academic Advisor approves your schedule before registration opens, they will assist you in registering for your courses.  Please review if you have any registration holds. Here is how to find-out if you have any holds. Login to sail. Click student. Click student records. Go to View Holds. If you have no holds, your screen will look like this. If you do have holds, let your high school advisor and your advisor know so we can inform you on how to remove it. The most common hold for dual credit students is the Meningitis Hold. Go to this page to learn about our meningitis policy. It will explain what is required and how to submit your records. Once admissions verifies your shot records, they will remove your hold.

Prior to registration of university classes, all students wishing to take courses are required to visit with the TAMU-CC Academic Advisor. The Academic Advisors for Islander Academy is Samuel Ramos or Paige Gonzalez. Students can make an appointment here.

Students will enroll in a course selected from the list of approved dual credit courses for TAMU-CC; students are only allowed to enroll in core curriculum courses.

Prior to attending classes on the TAMU-CC campus, students must register for and attend a new student orientation (Islander Launch). Go to the link below to register.

Here are a list of resources at TAMU-CC. Please take advantage of them.

Islander Academy Academic Advisors:

Samuel Ramos, Academic Advisor III  

Paige Gonzalez, Academic Advisor II