SIL Daily Rate

The state’s current daily rate for a student in a college dorm setting is $43.56.  (September 2021)  The state will pay this daily rate for each student who participates in the SIL program.  Funds are released on a monthly basis to the University’s Business office, where the Bursar then disperses the money to Islander Housing for rent, Islander Dining for the meal plan (if needed), and the rest to the student.  TAMU-CC does not keep any state funding. 

A minimum of $90 will be paid to the student monthly from the SIL rate.  This is to maintain an active cell phone and to purchase any incidentals the students may need.  Students may receive more than $90 per month if there is any money leftover after paying their rent and meal plan.  Any refund to the student is sent to BankMobile for disbursement based on the refund preference that the students has selected.   

DFPS will pay for students who are enrolled in at least 6 hours of classes in each regular term (Fall and Spring semester).  They will also pay for students in Island Harbor during summer months, provided the youth takes at least 3 credit hours during one of the summer terms OR works or volunteers at least 20 hours per week.  

DFPS will continues to pay for students until the end of the month on their 21st birthday.  If the student is still in school, DFPS will no longer continue to pay, and the student becomes responsible for payment of their rent and meal plans.  Youth can work with Island Harbor staff to try to get donations and work with local nonprofits for rental support.  Youth can also utilize other sources of money, such as the Pell Grant, financial aid, and scholarships.