How To Apply

To qualify for Island Harbor:

  • Youth must be between the ages of 18-21 years of age currently in foster care or have aged out of care.
  • Agree and sign into voluntary extended foster care with DFPS
  • Complete, and have approved, the state Supervised Independent Living forms
    • Young adults must complete and have approved the State Supervised Independent Living forms. Youth will obtain these forms from their CPS caseworker, who will assist them in completing the forms, will sign off on them, and submit them to the DFPS SIL supervisor for approval.
    • Once the young adult has been approved for SIL by the state office (including youth who come from any catchment areas with a community-based provider), forms should be sent to Island Harbor program staff ( for review and signatures. The forms, whether the youth is accepted for denied for the program, will be reviewed and returned within 3 business days.
  • Be admitted to TAMU-CC
    • All students MUST be accepted to Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi as a full-time student. Any student wishing to participate in Island Harbor must complete an ApplyTexas application online ( Young adults can receive an application fee waiver with a letter from their CPS caseworker explaining why a waiver is needed OR provide a copy of their SAT waiver.
    • Students must provide all necessary documentation to the Admissions office at the University.
  • Complete the Island Harbor Application Form
    • Young adults must also complete the Island Harbor application. This can also be submitted at for review by Island Harbor staff.
  • Interview with Island Harbor Staff
    • The young adult must also meet with Island Harbor staff (in person or virtual) prior to starting to review program expectations. A good time for this meeting is Islander Launch, which is TAMU-CC’s summer orientation that all first year students are required to attend.
  • Turn in State Tuition Waiver
    • Students in Island Harbor are eligible for the State Tuition Waiver which will cover all tuition and fees at state supported schools. A copy of the student’s waiver can be obtained from their caseworker and must be submitted to Accounts Receivable in the Student Services Center.

Island Harbor Checklist:

Have You: 

  • Completed the application online for TAMU-CC? 
  • Completed your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)? 
  • Sent all paperwork to the Office of Admissions? 
    • ACT or SAT scores? 
    • TSI test scores? 
    • Official High School Transcript or GED? 
    • Proof of Bacterial Meningitis vaccination? 
  • Submitted your Tuition and Fee Waiver to Accounts Receivable? 
  • Completed the state Supervised Independent Living forms? 
  • Completed the Island Harbor Application Form? 
  • Schedule an interview with Island Harbor staff? 
  • Register for Islander Launch? 
  • Completed and Islander Housing Application? 
  • Selected a housing option and meal plan?