About the Program

Program Expectations:

  • Students must be here and willing to take an active part in their education
  • Students must be prepared to function in an independent adult learning environment
  • Students must enroll in a minimum of 6 college credit hours (it is recommended to enroll in 12 credit hours during the fall/spring semesters)
  • Students must check in weekly with Island Harbor staff member, including attending weekly Islander Navigation Meetings during their first year in the program
  • Students will be open to participating in the Island Harbor Community Mentor program.
  • Students will adhere to the Island Harbor Terms and Conditions, to be reviewed each semester
  • Students will work to transition to unsupervised Independent Living

Islander Navigation Meetings:

The purpose of Islander Navigation Meetings is to help students develop practical life skills that will not only assist them in their time here on campus, but to succeed in the workplace following graduation. Islander Navigation meets weekly throughout the student’s first year on campus. Meeting dates/times can change each semester, depending on the number of students in the program. Meetings are scheduled around class times for students and are scheduled for 60 minutes. Sessions have the following goals:

  • Build a group dynamic that allows the students to safely discuss and support others regarding to topics related to transitioning out of foster care and into Supervised Independent Living
  • Learn to effectively integrated into the TAMU-CC community academically, socially, emotionally, and mentally
  • Learn practical skills to live independently as well as good work and study habits
  • Learn healthy relationship habits, including interpersonal communication skills, conflict resolution skills, using community resources, and establishing permanent relationships with caring adults
  • Learn to address personal and interpersonal issues as they arise with healthy coping skills cancelled Learn how to effectively plan for the future by goal setting and forming a personal identity

Island Harbor and TAMU-CC respect the students’ rights to:

  • Plan and manage work, school, social and personal schedules
  • Access community resources to meet personal needs
  • Manage finances and open bank accounts
  • Choose to participate in any activities offered at TAMU-CC
  • Provide input into services offered by the Island Harbor program
  • Receive assistance with meeting Transition/Service Plan goals
  • Withdraw from TAMU-CC, SIL, or request an SIL placement change