FAQ about Electronic Transcripts for Students

What is an Electronic Transcript (eTranscript)?
  • It is a secure, digitally signed PDF of your official Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi transcript.
  • The eTranscript has an additional first page that provides information regarding the document itself.
  • The eTranscript is downloaded from a secure web site as a PDF document.
  • The eTranscript is protected by an electronic signature.
  • The electronic signature guarantees that the document was sent from the TAMUCC Registrar's Office and the document has not been altered.
Is an eTranscript different from traditional printed transcripts?
  • The content of the transcripts is identical.
  • The eTranscript has an additional first page that provides information regarding the document itself.
Is the eTranscript official?
  • Yes, it is an official document from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.
  • The content of the transcript is identical to a printed transcript.
  • The electronic signature of the University Registrar appears on the transcript.
What are the advantages of the electronic delivery of my transcript?
  • The requestor is notified when the recipient received the official transcript.
  • Delivery is significantly faster than paper transcript requests.
  • More reliable than surface mailing.
  • No additional fees resulting from overnight mailing.
  • More organizations are insisting on electronic documents and are not willing to accept paper documents.
How do I know if the university or organization will accept an eTranscript?
  • It is your responsibility to verify that the recipient will accept delivery of an electronic PDF transcript.
How long is the eTranscript available to the recipient?
  • Your eTranscript can be downloaded for up to thirty days after it is originally sent. If the recipient does not download your transcript within these 30 days, please contact our office to resend your eTranscript. There is no charge for resending your transcript if it has not been opened.
  • After 30 days, your eTranscript will no longer be available for download. You will have to place another order.
Do I need any special software or configuration on my computer?
  • You may use any Web browser (be sure to have the most recent version).
  • You must have a copy of Adobe Reader 6.04 or higher installed.
  • Please do not try to download e-transcripts using Google Chrome, it tends to download with errors.
Are there any students who may not request this service?
  • Students enrolled prior to Fall of 1989 may receive a message that they are not found in our current student information system and will need to call the Office of the Registrar at (361) 825-2624. Soon, these students will also have the completed-to-end online ordering experience. A system modification is in progress to allow this.
I provided the wrong e-mail address for the recipient. Can I correct this mistake?
  • If the e-mail address was a valid address and if the transcript was delivered and opened, you will need to make a new transcript request. The regular fee will be charged again. If the transcript has not been opened, we can resend it to the correct address at no additional charge.