About the Honors Program

Establishing an Honors Program was a long-standing, faculty-driven effort at TAMU-CC. While the university's primary mission has always been to serve the higher education needs of a region that was historically underserved, this same mission meant that university resources were and continue to be directed towards students that struggle to succeed in a university environment. The Honors Program was established in 2005 in an effort to address the educational needs of high achieving students that are often overlooked within that broader mission. The efforts to create the program were led by English faculty member, Dr. Janis Haswell. Desiring an environment where curious and inquisitive students could expand their horizons, Dr. Haswell worked diligently with Provost Sandra Harper, as well as a dedicated committee to create the Honors Program.


The Honors Program is comprised of three different entities: the Program itself, the Honors Student Association, and the Honors Council. The Program is the administrative body, consisting of the Director and Coordinator, as well as two student employees. Honors is supported by the Dean, Business Coordinator, and Administrative Assistant in University College

The Honors Student Association, or HSA, is the official student organization for Honors. All Honors students are encouraged to attend meetings and participate in activities. HSA elects about 20 officers each year and they play an important role in providing opportunities and activities for their fellow students. HSA meets monthly during the fall and spring semesters.

Honors Council is an advisory body for the Program. It is comprised of representatives from each academic college, Academic Advising, Bell Library, Enrollment Management, as well as 3 student representatives. Council provides input on all changes to the Honors curriculum, the direction of the program, participates in the selection of new members, and so much more! The Council meets twice a year in fall and spring.