Wednesday January 23


  • Introductions (syllabus)
  • Class Discussions:
  • Group Activity:
  • Debrief:

In-Class Activities


  • Upload Profile according to class section. Create a PowerPoint and address the following:
    • Picture to left; Name; Major; Hometown; Total Population of hometown; biggest fear; hobbies; most exciting; goals; what most people don't know about you; two truths/one lie
  • Follow these instructions to upload PowerPoint of profile onto our wiki page
    • First, to the left on the "sidebar" section of the wiki, scroll down and click on either "471 profile/470 profile"
    • Second, click edit and type: FA05ll? (these are lower cased L's)
    • Third, you will already see a link created in the edit box, copy this link and past it right below using two ** (asterisks) to create the indent
    • Fourth, in the sections where it states: Your Name--insert your name; where it states: Section number--insert your section number
    • Remember, follow the directions and the spacing!
    • Lastly, click save!
    • The click on the link, another box will come up for a password: 3d!t is the password (make sure to type this in correctly)
    • upload your file, and your done!
  • Scavenger Hunt


Revised Instructions

  • Follow these instructions to upload PowerPoint of profile onto our wiki page
    • First, click on your section, either "482 profile/483 profile"
    • Second (to create the link), click edit and type, fa05ll, (these are lower cased L's) as the password **Remember, these are lower cased "f" and "a" and numbers "0" and "5" and lower cased "l" and "l"
  • Third, create a link! Type the following-- open double Spring 2013 Your Name and Section Number and closed Click edit to just copy and paste the link--of course make the corrections by inserting your name
    • Remember, from Attached to the up/down line (|) there are no spaces; after the up/down line (|) there are spaced
  • Fourth, click save!
  • Fifth, click the link and it will bring you to a new page. With this new page there is a new password: 3d!t **Remember, the "3" is a number, the "d" is lower cased, the "!" is an exclamation mark, and the "t" is lower cased.
  • Sixth, upload your file by clicking browse first, then upload.
  • Seventh, you need to make sure you follow these instructions exactly!