Monday January 28 Sustainability Responses Overall and Key Terms #3 guns for teachers Definition of Sustainability B.O.B.

Sustainability is a new idea to many people, and many find it hard to understand. But all over the world there are people who have entered into the exercise of imagining and bringing into being a sustainable world. They see it as a world to move toward not reluctantly, but joyfully, not with a sense of sacrifice, but a sense of adventure. A sustainable world could be very much better than the one we live in today.

Thought of the Day


  • Free-write:
  • Class Discussions:
  • Group Activity:
  • Debrief:

In-Class Activities

  • What's Going on--Sustainability on a State, Local, and Personal level (free-write): State; Local; Personal
  • Do You Know Your Stuff Activity?
  • Group Discussion: Different Interpretation
    • Get with your working group, compare and contrast your interpretations of Chapter 2. What was similar? What was different? Share your knowledge!
    • When done, go up to the board and write down one theme, different from the other themes already on the board, that is related to the Chapter and sustainability.
  • Group Activity: Expert/Novice Activity
  • Debrief
    • At what moment in the class did you feel the most engaged as a learner this week?
    • At what moment in the class did you feel the most distant as a learner this week? Why?


  • Continue to read Chapter 2
  • Study for exam 1 (Chapter 1, 2, and water film)
  • Complete for Discussion about Test